Dylan Doodleman - Positive murals


Asia and Dylan September 2013

Hello and Welcome to the Land of Dylan Doodleman,

A land where the power of colour and positivity is raging against the bare brick and grey of the city.

Having grown up in Cities all my life, I decided to ‘Happy Up’ my surroundings- quickly transforming grey zones into fantastical landscapes inhabited by friendly creatures.

Working with my assistant Asia, we have completed projects in England, Spain, France and Poland, as well as having sent large-scale banners and painted scenery across the Atlantic to Mexico for use in Theatrical productions.

This customisation of surroundings is not limited to walls- I have also been transforming everyday objects such as my ‘Monster Bins’, T shirts, skateboards, X-Boxes, filing cabinets and storage solutions… so if you have a space or items you would be interested in transforming, please do not hesitate to contact me!